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Launching: 10am EST - July 25th, 2019

We’ve Taken Vidmonial and Video Testimonials
to the Next Level

Today it’s common sense that if you don’t have reviews for your products and services, your sales will suffer immensely and visitors won’t trust you.

But, even pages loaded with 5 star reviews and glowing testimonials aren’t enough anymore to guarantee

Visitors need to hear it from your customers mouth THEMSELVES... in the form of a video testimonial which is why we initially created Vidmonial.

While version 1.0 ended up doing 100k+ with lots of positive feedback, we knew there was tons more than needed to be added to really make this a serious SaaS tool.

That’s why after a year of listening to customers, coding, and testing, we’re proud to introduce...

Vidmonial 2.0

Vidmonial 2.0

Vidmonial 2 expands upon the initial, little video capture tool we created and transforms it into an entire video marketing review suite that captures, edits, syndicates, and markets both video and text testimonials all-in-one.

It works in 5 simple steps:

01. Incentive Buyers of Any Product to Leave a Review

You can incentivize customers of your products, your clients, or someone else’s if you’re an affiliate to leave a video testimonial in exchange for a bonus, guide, coupon code, or any other incentive you want.


02. They Record The Review Quickly Via Desktop or Mobile Now

Vidmonial makes it easy in 1-click for the user to record the testimonial through their desktop or now through mobile if they are in a hurry. You can also choose to allow them to leave a text review and give star ratings.


03. Review and Testimonial and Edit the Video

Then, review the testimonial and edit it in the new Video Wizard. Transform it from a borning video to a solid marketing piece with custom CTAs, graphics, text, music and more you can share around the web.


04. Market the Video with Display and Widget Technology

Then, embed your video using brand new templates or showcase it, along with other similar product reviews on the new Vidmonial 2 Social Proof Widget to immediatly begin increasing conversions.


05. Syndicate Around the Web for Traffic and Fresh Leads

In just a click, you can share the testimonial to tons of social networks for traffic and fresh leads. Now, instead of slaving away creating the videos yourself just have customers create them FOR you to use in your salespages, blogs, Facebook ads, YouTube channels, and more.


Check Out How it Works:

Brand New Upgraded Features Include:

Everyone Can Benefit From Vidmonial 2.0

Offline Marketers

Vidmonial works in any niche, so you can create customer testimonials for plumbers, dentists, real estate agents, and charge a premium fee.

eCommerce Marketers

Incentive your buyers to record a testimonial of them using your product right on video. Then use the testimonial in your FB ads and on your Shopify pages.

Social Marketers

Not only can you embed Vidmonial videos in your landing pages, but syndicate them to YouTube and social media for traffic TO the salespage and more trust with your brand.

Affiliate Marketers

You don’t even have to own your own product to benefit! Message a buyers of a popular product you want to promote in a FB group and use your testimonial to help your own affiliate campaigns convert!

We Have a Strategic and Congruent Funnel:

Front End: Vidmonial 2.0 Commercial


Includes all the features listed above plus Commercial Rights option to use as a service for other business and ability to add multiple Reddit accounts.

OTO: Vidmonial 2.0 Diamond


Includes features for power-users like more video storage, create unlimited campaigns, create unlimited incentives, Outsourcers Rights, and video bonuses.

OTO1 Downsell: Vidmoniald 2.0 Diamond Lite


Includes features for power-users like more video storage, create unlimited campaigns, create unlimited incentives, Outsourcers Rights, and video bonuses.

OTO2: Vidmonial Enterprise


Unlimited Agency License to help business use Vidmonial for themselves. Includes DFY reseller option and Agency portal option. Includes webinar training on how to resell Vidmonial and your video services.

OTO2 Downsell: Vidmonial 2.0 Enterprise Lite


Includes features for power-users like more video storage, create unlimited campaigns, create unlimited incentives, Outsourcers Rights, and video bonuses.

OTO3: Vidmonial 50-100 License Whitelabel Option


Get not one, but two cloudbased video creators to bring your Vidmonial testominials to life with graphics, icons, intros, and more. Plus, use for other aspects of your business

OTO4: VidPages Agency


A new cloud-based tool that creates lead pages and local niche pages with video elements for high conversions. Includes a drag/drop editor and different templates.

Special 3 Phase Contest Includes...

Phase 1
10-11 May 2 Days
6 - 10th.
Phase 2
12-13 May 2 Days
Phase 3
14-15 May Closing Contest

More Reason to Promote:

  • Easy Angle and Unique Solution - I don’t need to tell you video conversion and creation apps are some of the most popular ones on JVzoo! Not only is the a true innovative solution, but will actually help your subscribers with one of the toughest problems they’re facing now.
  • Attention to Detail and Track Record - Having had multiple 6 figure launches already, you can be assured of high EPCs, split-testing, backup pages, sever checkers, and more.
  • Retargeting with Split-Tests Throughout the Launch - Traffic will be used very efficiently by doing retargeting with naked links throughout the entire launch.
  • Fair Contest - We want everyone to succeed and level the playing field no matter if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned marketer.
  • Prelaunch Webinar on Video Client Strategies - We’ll be running a prelaunch webinar to build buzz and help sell the software


We’ve been crushing leaderboards for our partners without annoying subscribers so expect massive reciprocation on this launch.

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